Building strong and authentic personal brands.

Your personal brand is your marketing tool.

Building strong and authentic personal brands.

Your personal brand is your marketing tool


Professional Image Consulting

Sheeimage Africa is a Training and Image Consultant Solution Provider across Africa. Our mission is to help our client’s project confidence and competence that comes from an authentic, appropriate and attractive positive image for any personal, social or professional engagement.

Our Value Add

  • Our Solutions are tailored to suit our clients’ needs and expectations.
  • Ongoing support and follow-ups after the training and Sessions.
  • Pre training and Post training Surveys on our clients behavior change
  • Return on investment.

Why we do what we do

It takes five to seven seconds for people to judge a person based on their first impression. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Empowering our clients to improve on their personal brands by transforming their image helping them build on their confidence through the way they talk, dress, behave, and even the way they express themselves is our main goal. Hence, they become competent and productive in all areas of their lives. 


Professional, Business and Social Etiquette

Every business has an unwritten code of conduct on how employees should behave in business setup. On social relations e.g. networking, business dinners; there is an unwritten code of conduct of how you are expected to behave. Shee Image Sessions will help you gain confidence and behave accordingly in all areas

Personal Branding

How people perceive you affects how they treat you. Have you been missing on promotions at the work place? Do people overlook you and never take your ideas seriously at work place? A positive image and a strong Personal Brand is probably what you are lacking. Some of us have missed on opportunities because of the image we portray about ourselves on our online profiles.  Shee Image Africa will help you build a strong authentic personal brand, at the same time improving on your confidence and Competence.

Communication Skills

Both Verbal and Nonverbal Communication is crucial in our day to day relations. Strong communication and presentation skills will propel your brand to success. She image will guide you build on strong Communication skills for your business and brands

Emotional Intelligence

The capability of individuals to recognize their feelings and those of others is very crucial in building strong and lasting relations. Discerning different emotions helps individuals know how to deal with people appropriately. We focus on building great interpersonal skills to help individuals build meaningful and strong relations.

Take control of your life by developing an image that represents who you are and who you want to be.

How we do what we do

Shee Image Connects individuals to skills, Capabilities, and knowledge to help them project a positive image. Our one on one coaching sessions is tailored to suit individual client’s needs. Workshops and Classroom training sessions for corporate clients and groups. Monthly interactive training sessions on various Image topics targeting different groups of clients.

One-on-one coaching

Our one-on-one coaching sessions are tailored to suit individual clients’ needs. We take time to meet our clients to understand their needs, gap and come up with solutions.


We connect our corporate clients, group clients to skills capabilities and knowledge to help them project a strong positive image and establish strong personal brands.

Open class sessions

We hold monthly interactive open training sessions to anyone willing. We focus on various image topics targeting different groups of clients and individuals.

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